Aluminium is characterised by a unique combination of the properties of interest. Aluminium is superlight with a specific weight of 2700 kg/m3, which is only one third of the specific weight of steel. This is the reason why aluminium is increasingly replacing other industrial materials. Lightness does not mean weakness here. The tensile strength of aluminium alloys is 70–700 MPa. Unlike most steel marks, aluminium becomes stronger at a low temperature, making it a more reasonable choice in producing many products. The possibilities for processing this material are endless. The conventional techniques of molding aluminium include milling, drilling, cutting, perforating and bending. In addition, the processing of aluminium consumes little energy, leaving behind a greener footprint for the environment. Aluminium can be forged into shapes. Aluminium is also corrosion-proof. The surface of aluminium is covered by an extremely thin layer of oxides that are created by reacting to air. Evn though the layer is only a few hundred micrometres thick (1 micrometre is a thousandth of a millimetre), the layer is tight and is excellent in protecting aluminium against corrosion. Damaged spots self-repair.


Oak is the king of trees and as such is a sacred tree for many. Oaks are part of the Fagaceae family and as such are characterised as growing for a long time and by being a precious wood that has a very solid appearance and uncompromising durability. Oak wood is highly valued as durable, strong and valuable wood species for making furniture. The well-known properties of a common oak include a coarse texture, characteristic sponge and wacy fibers. Furniture made of oak is beautiful, dignified and durable.


Mahogany became fashionable in Europe in the 1730s, when it started to be used for producing luxury furniture and wall panels. At that time, mahogany was known to be tropical precious wood from the Caribbean isles (mostly Cuba and Saint-Domingue) that acquired a characteristic reddish-brown colour when it was processed. Today, this type of wood - Swietenia mahagoni – is known as Spanish, Cuban or genuine mahogany. The reddish wood of mahogany is flexible, having a thick coarse blush, but few knots or other such defects. Easy-to-handle mahogany becomes darker over time, lasting long even in a moist climate.

Powder coating

By covering surfaces with powder coating, the furniture receives additional protections and a better aesthetic look to it. The colour particles are charged with an electrostatic paint spray gun and are then sprayed onto the detail that is being coloured, after which they are put into a curing oven, ehere the powder particles melt, forming a solid uniform layer of paint.

Wood preservative

For protecting our wood parts we use high-quality OSMO wood oil. The protective OSMO wood oil is an ornamental care product for all external surfaces of wood, protecting wood from rotting, sprouting and growing musty. The product is based on natural oils, being moisture-regulating, water-repellent and extremely weather-resistant. This includes UV protection. The surface will never crack, peel or stretch. It is very easy to apply (no brushmarks are left behind) and to renew – just apply one layer of it on the wood. The product is based on vegetable oils and waxes. The natural oils and waxes penetrate deep into the wood, keeping it elastic and preventing it from becoming dry and brittle. The wood can breathe and the moisture evaporates.

MEWOX is a brand that was started in Estonia in 2016. Mewox designs and produces high-quality garden furniture that fits well to a trendy private house terrace. The choice of the materials for the garden furniture is based on the principle that “less is more”. Only two materials have been used for producing the furniture – industrial metal and rustic wood. These two materials are very different, but by putting them together, it is possible to achieve a simple and straightforward Scandinavian look. Mewox garden furniture is designed and manufactured in Estonia. The purpose of the Mewox garden furniture is to make every terrace and courtyard look like a beautiful and cozy outdoor room.
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